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OVRC GT Series Season 5
24-12-2019 19:46 (UTC)

The OVRC will be running a 5th season of the OVRC GT Series starting in 2020.

With the success of the Touring Car Challenge at the end of this year and interested in new events going forward, we are announcing there will be a 5th season of the OVRC GT series, starting on the 6th of January.

This will be going back to the GT3 routes of the OVRC with a 6 round championship taking place across famous tracks. Races will be going back to being 60 minutes long without the need of a pitstop. It will also be the first time GT3 cars raced under the OVRC since 2018.

The tracks are all well-established GT circuits, starting the season at the Nürburgring (6 January), followed by Silverstone (20 January), then moving to the two Italian circuits of Monza (3 February) and Imola (17 February) followed by the iconic Spa (2 March) and the final at Road America (16 March)

Return with this season will also be race broadcasts, hosted by Alex and Erwin once again. These streams will be live on the YouTube page along with race replays of the races.

Depending on the success of this season will influence future seasons and events hosted by the OVRC.

GT Series Season 5 Calendar

06/01/20 - Nürburgring GP Fast Chicane

20/01/20 - Silverstone GP

03/02/20 - Monza GP

17/02/20 - Imola GP

02/03/20 - Spa-Francorchamps GP

16/03/20 - Road America

Mike Stofmeel takes the Season 5 OVRC GT Series Championship - OVRC GT Series Season 5
18-03-2020 19:59 (UTC)

After winning 4 of the 6 races and getting a total point tally of 560 points, Mike Stofmeel wins the OVRC GT Series in dominate fashion. After getting an early point lead after two DNFs by at the time closest rival Thomas Jansen (128) and then survive a late charge by Kostyantyn Romanenko (311) in the final two races.

Team Denmark (568) wins the Team Championship over Virtualdrivers by TX3 (560) with a lead of 8 points after a series of good results for both Thomas Olsen and Alexander Secher.

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OVRC GT Series Season 5 - Road America
16-03-2020 20:00

Position Driver
1 Kostyantyn Romanenko
2 Mike Stofmeel
3 Sebastien Brunier
4 Thomas Olsen
5 Alexander Secher
6 Valentin Molliet
7 Carlos serrano cazorla
8 Christophe Verstrepen
9 Steven Higgins
10 Sergey Yakimchuk
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