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OVRC Season Announcement
05-09-2020 18:02 (UTC)


After a longer than planned break for the summer, the OVRC is back for another round of racing with the announcement of three race series.

After the success of our first Assetto Corsa Competizione series, we are once again expanding to two series. The GT3 series will return with another six-round season, now with 90 minute races over the traditional 60. We are also running a GT4 series alongside this with 60 minute races. We are also allowing weather and running different times of day, allowing interesting changes in strategy mid race.

We are not leaving RaceRoom behind, with a return to Touring Cars with a series running the ever popular TCR cars. This will be made up of 6 rounds of 2 20 minute races. This will also be the first time that the OVRC runs a race at the Nordschleife.

We are also adding a new Drop Round rule, meaning that your worst result will not count to the final standing, allowing people to have a bad or miss a race without throwing out their whole championship. 

Signups will be open Monday the 7th of September for all series, with races starting a week after that.

Full Calendar and Rules are below:

OVRC ACC GT3 Season 2

OVRC ACC GT4 Season 1

OVRC R3E TC Season 2



GT3 Season 2 Pit Stop Clarification - OVRC ACC GT3 Season 2
06-09-2020 12:17 (UTC)

For Season 2 for the OVRC GT3 Series we are going to once again be having forced tyre change rules. Originally we were planning to allow people to pit when ever but after concerns about certain cars gaining an advantage we have changed back. We are also adding a 20 minute pitstop window along with the change.

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OVRC ACC GT3 Season 3
Spa-Francorchamps (Dry)
26-01-2021 20:00
OVRC ACC GT3 Season 3
Hungaroring (Dry)
02-02-2021 20:00
OVRC ACC GT3 Season 3
Imola (Dry)
09-02-2021 20:00

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OVRC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Kyalami (Chance of Rain)
19-01-2021 20:00

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1 Marcus Lawrence
2 Mike Stofmeel
3 Thomas Olsen
4 Jordan Grant-Smith
5 Marc Whitford
6 Michael Stasiv
7 O. Leffe
8 John Dalton
9 Tom Pottage
10 Robert Nygård
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