OVRC GT2 Series

GT2 was the most popular in the survey together with GT4, this series will be the effective follow-up to our successful GT3 Series in previous seasons as our second main series on Mondays. The races will heavily involve pit stop strategies, especially with the two tire compounds that are available for GT2. The race duration will be somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes, the exact number will be determined to get the perfect balance between different strategies.

Once we get to 36 (34 for Hockenheim) signups, all the guaranteed spots for the season are full. However, as there are always people that can not attend a certain race, you can almost always claim a spot if you sign up as a reserve driver. You can see if there are spots available here and claim an empty spot on our Discord server. If any drivers with a guaranteed spot drop out, that spot will be given to one of the reserves.

Please use your real name or at least a realistic name to sign up and make sure to join the OVRC Discord and change your nickname there to the same name as you signed up with, as the password and other information is distributed there.

You can team up with another driver by using the same livery and filling in the same team name. If you want to team up after the series has started, you can ask an admin in our Discord to change it for you. 

Session times:
Practice - 19:00 GMT (60 minutes)
Drivers' Briefing - 20:00 GMT (5 minutes)
Qualifying - 20:05 GMT (20 minutes)
Race  - 20:25 GMT (75 minutes)

Make sure to read the OVRC Rules

Championship standings


Position Driver Car Team Points
1 Jaroslav Honzik RUF RT12R JRD Racing 360
2 Thomas Jansen Cadillac CTS-V.R Not Porsche Motorsport 340
3 Tom Pottage P4-5 Competizione GT2 216
4 Caleb Gonzalez Cadillac CTS-V.R 154
5 Michael Marktl RUF RT12R 143
6 Jorgen Wahlby BMW M3 GT2 Atomic Motorsport 140
7 Jan-Willem van Ommen RUF RT12R JRD Racing 129
8 Thomas Olsen Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2 Night Riders 128
9 John Dalton Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2 Absolution Motorsport 102
10 Taha Malih RUF RT12R 92
11 Sebastien Brunier Cadillac CTS-V.R Not Porsche Motorsport 84
12 Radek Pawlaczek Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2 Absolution Motorsport 80
13 Viktor Berlin BMW M3 GT2 Bizzle & Co Racing 79
14 Gerasimos Cassel BMW 68
15 Carlos serrano cazorla Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2 karliski team 68
16 Magnus Smedegård Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2 60
17 Vinny Roberts Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2 Night Riders 54
18 Robert Nygård P4-5 Competizione GT2 39
19 Thijs Dendauw RUF RT12R We Will Manage Motorsport 38
20 James P Butler BMW M3 GT2 33
21 Magnus Møller Jensen BMW M3 GT2 23
22 Tomás Seac BMW M3 GT2 White Spirit 22
23 Jake Boswell Bmw GT2 20
24 Steven Higgins BMW M3 GT2 Bizzle & Co Racing 20
25 Bartosz Chabasinski BMW M3 GT2 17
26 Connor Mathieson Cadillac CTS-V.R 17
27 Tim Driscoll BMW M3 GT2 13
28 Daryl Thornton BMW M3 GT2 0
29 Dariusz Wielgosz RUF RT12R 0
30 sergio sanchez vilar RUF RT12R 0
31 Rafal Lis BMW M3 GT2 0
32 Diogo Rodrigues BMW M3 GT2 0
33 Rudi Ruessell BMW M3 GT2 ACSchnitzer 0
34 Henrique Realinho BMW M3 GT2 0
35 Dragos Bibe RUF RT12R We Will Manage Motorsport 0
36 Robin Sutherland BMW M3 GT2 White Spirit 0
37 Tim Ekah Abila Cadillac CTS-V.R Jesus Enterprises 0
Game: RaceRoom Racing Experience
Signup starts 29-12-2018 19:00 (UTC)
Signup ends 01-04-2019 19:00 (UTC)


Team standings


Position Team Points
1 JRD Racing 489
2 Not Porsche Motorsport 424
3 Night Riders 182
4 Absolution Motorsport 182
5 Atomic Motorsport 140
6 Bizzle & Co Racing 99
7 karliski team 68
8 We Will Manage Motorsport 38
9 White Spirit 22
10 ACSchnitzer 0
11 Jesus Enterprises 0