OVRC is Back!

30-09-2019 18:32 (UTC)


The OVRC is happy to announce that we are returning to league racing! With this return will be a small change to how the league will be ran, but the aim is still in place for fun and fair racing for all levels.  

Signups are now open for the OVRC Touring Car Challenge

Starting today the signups for the “OVRC Touring car Challenge” are open. This will be a small series featuring the ever popular WTCR cars. Cars and liveries from both the 2018 and 2019 seasons will be available as well open setups, more details to be on the signup page.

Signups Page


General Rule Changes

We have made some minor changes to the rule sets that we use. Most of the changes have been focused on the off-track side of things, with a big change being a 0 points race result for incorrect sign-up information. We recommend that you do a quick read of them so your up to date on them.

We hope to see some familiar faces as well new ones in the upcoming season and the best of luck to everyone racing!