2020 OVRC Rule Set Finalized

20-12-2019 19:01 (UTC)

The 2020 OVRC rule set has been finalized today as we are nearly getting ready to announce the new season starting in 2020. There has only be a few small changes to help clarify certain areas and updated to match recent game updates.


Changes are:

1.1.2. Drivers are required to make sure that their sim name and signup name are the same. If incorrect, the driver will not be able to score points. 

4.5 Incident reports can be reported up until 12 hours after the race has finished, after this they will be ignored. 

9.3 Damage is set to Full

Full rule set is linked here: Rule Set

As normal rules are subject to change over the season if the admins deem it necessary.

We are hopefully be able to announce the next season this week!