Season 3 Update

13-06-2018 19:26 (UTC)

OVRC Color

With the experience from season 3 so far and your answers to the mid-season survey, we are announcing some changes:


  • The remaining variety league races will be in the WTCC 2016+2017 cars on the same tracks as the GT3 races (with the WTCC layout of Shanghai). The format will be similar to the Zandvoort WTCC race, with 20 minutes of qualifying, followed by 2x20 minutes races. However, this time the top 8 finishers of the first race will be reversed on the starting grid of the second race.

  • The club races will be scrapped from now on and we are going to focus on adding to the calendar instead. The survey showed most of you are interested in P2 + GT3 multiclass endurance races, so we will do a first endurance test race on Wednesday, July 4th. It will feature all the GT3 cars and all the P2 cars, except for the Daytona Prototype. This test race will be 90 minutes of Silverstone with 2x fuel rate enabled. If this test race is successful, we may add an endurance series that runs on Wednesdays in the next season.

  • To get closer and more enjoyable racing with a larger grid, we would like to encourage everyone to sign up for the leagues, even if you can only join a few races. The most important part is that the individual races are enjoyable and everyone has someone to race against, for which we would ideally have a full grid of 36 drivers! So if you have not signed up yet, just because you cannot make it to all the races, make sure to sign up and join whenever you can.