OVRC Season 4 Announcement

12-08-2018 19:13 (UTC)

Using your feedback from the recent survey and test races, we are happy to announce two new OVRC series that will be starting soon as part of our fourth season! The ‘OVRC GT Series’ and the ‘OVRC Touring Car Series’, which are successors of the ‘GT3 Series’ and ‘WTCC Challenge’ respectively.

The ‘GT Series’ will be the same 1 hour format, with 2x fuel rate as the ‘GT3 Series’ that was hosted during Season 3. With a major addition being the GTR1 class alongside the GTR3 class. These races will also include a rolling start, adding more realism and increasing tension for the start.

The ‘Touring Car Series’ will be exactly the same format as the ‘WTCC Challenge’ races, with 2 races of 20 minutes each and a reverse starting grid for the top 8 for the second race. This series is planned to be driven in the upcoming WTCR cars, however, as long as those are not released yet, the WTCC 16/17 cars will be used instead.

Both series are held on the usual Monday evening, with the server opening at 19:00 BST and Drivers’ Briefing starting at 20:00 BST. The series will alternate each week, both lasting for 8 races. This results in the following 16-week race calendar:

Season 4 Calendar