Website update 22-9-2019

22-09-2019 11:57 (UTC)

As we prepare to get leagues underway again, we have been working on a few changes to make the website easier to use. As part of these changes, it has been moved to a new domain. From now on the website is available from!

Other changes that have been made:

  • When signing up, you can now select a car from a drop down menu instead of having to manually enter the car name.
  • The league sign up page now clarifies what you need to enter under in-game name.
  • You no longer have to enter a livery when signing up for a league.
  • Mid-season car and name changes can now be done directly through the website, you no longer have to contact an admin.
  • League participants can now find the race server password on the league page instead of Discord. 
  • Automated penalties for mismatched car and in-game name info. 

We hope you like these changes and to see you on track with us again soon.